In a 2002 interview Erica mentions that “she’s ready to take on the next challenge.  ‘I want to act again.  I know I can do it.’ She is convinced that the combination of her abilities, her intensity, and now the richness and depth of her life experiences could make her a powerful resource for a bold director such as Demme, John Waters, or Quentin Tarantino.


“‘My God! I must have seen Pulp Fiction a hundred times!  I can see myself in that kind of role.  As I become more accepting of my passions, I think I can express them more effectively and not be so self-conscious about it.  With the right director, I can be a chameleon.'”
















Jump cut to 2006 when Michael Frost—a young, innovative director—is casting his first film, 3Stories About Evil, an experimental animated short composed of ‘single shots’.  That is, while it’s a moving picture, it captures moments in time, freezing the characters in a novel and engaging way.  Since it was released in 2008, 3Stories About Evil has played in numerous international film festivals and garnered four awards.  Erica plays the vicious Mother in one of the 3 Stories–“The Story of Johnny” along with Billy Drago, Suzette Belouin, and Barry Brisco.


“I wanted to cast her against type.  I wanted to see her as anti-sex, completely against it,” Michael Frost mentions while reminiscing about the reasons he chose Erica as the Mother of All Mother Fuckers.  He continues, “working with her was a bit of a revelation.  I could see there was something inside Erica that was dying to perform again.  She was absolutely professional and incredibly enthusiastic.”



















Michael can’t help but gush about the connection between Erica and Billy Drago.  “She loved Billy; they got along very well.  He gave her words of encouragement” that helped to foster that creative spark apparent in the film.  When asked about how he was able to direct Erica to play an icy mother so diametrically opposed to her past characters, Michael offers,  “I think her performance captured the cold-heartedness of the character.  I told her to act like a black widow spider and look like a mosquito.”






















“Keep on eye out on Erica!” Michael adds with a knowing wink.  It seems that there’s something new on the horizon.  “We’ve been working on producing a short film.” When questioned as to what we can expect, Michael waves his finger.  “Expect to see Erica like you’ve never seen her before.”


— Written by C.R. Wright

Excerpt from Steve Sullivan, Glamour Girls




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